13. (HISIM Technology, 2020, Continuing) Designing/Developing ATP Braking Curve Algorithm

  • Developing algorithm related to standards (SUBSET-026, EN 50126, EN 50128, EN 50129, EN13452-1, IEEE 1474-1, IEEE 1698-1)
  • Developing C++ code (partially)
  • Developing C# testing application and use it for testing braking curve algorithm
  • Documentations of project phases

12. (HISIM Technology, 2020, Continuing) Railway System Simulation Project Tool, HiSimuX

This application developed with C# language with client-server architect which is create interface with SimuX (server side) application to make railway projects simulation. HiSimuX takes parameters entered by client to server side and gets the result from server to show the client. Also, it has very unique scope property which helps to benchmark every detail related to simulation to each other’s.

11. (HISIM Technology, 2019) A comparison tool for database application is developed to understand which of the database better/faster/stabil for railway application. (Tested DBs: MSSQL, MYSQL, POSTGRESQL and application language C#)

10. (ABE Technology, 2017) Level Crossing Safe Passage System for Vehicles

09. (ABE Technology, 2015-2016) İDİS Railway Monitoring and Signalization Project

  • Researching on Euroradio
  • Research and reporting on RBC

08. (ABE Technology, 2016-2019) AVRASYA, SARIYER, HASKÖY, BELKAHVE, SELÇUKGAZİ, SABUNCUBELİ, ÇAMLICA Tunnels – FM Radio Repeater System: System consist of three main part: Web service / Modbus, Server Controller (Desktop C# based application) and FM Hardware Controller (Android based application). Project aims to repeat selected radio frequencies inside of tunnels with adding announcement/or not, where system properties are:

  • live announcements (locally or remotely by VOIP)
  • repeat recorded announcement (local or remotely)
  • remotely re-programming active frequencies
  • remotely re-programming active RT and RT
  • remotely re-arranging radio duration time
  • 8, 16, 24, 32, 48 … channels support
  • Web service/Modbus support to communicate other application

07. (ABE Technology, 2017) FM Radio Network Device State Finder (pinger), C#

06. (ABE Technology, 2017) Seri Port Lora and UHF Terminal Application, C# (used for master thesis)

  1. Serial port communication with LORA device (433MHz) and Radius PDR 221 UHF (463MHz) device support
  2. automatically start and send data ability
  3. remotely configurable according received radio messages.
  4. sending data repeated or not repeated
  5. changing data which is sending repeated or not repeated
  6. RS232, UART interface support
  7. supports Railway system integration
  • simulating point machine state
  • Web service integration
  • MSSQL database integration
  • Multiple serial port communication support (one channel for receiving and other one to send data)
  • Trigging with 5V (CTS, DSR)

05. (ABE Technology, 2017) SerialPort Lora and UHF Terminal Application, Android (used for master thesis)

  • Serial port communication with LORA device (433MHz) and Radius PDR 221 UHF (463MHz) device support
  • UART (FTDI232), RS232 support
  • Ability to configure desktop application that helps to send repeated or not messages.

04. (ABE Technology, 2015-2017) TÜBİTAK Project: New Generation of Fail Safe Communication Systems for Railway Vehicles

To improve conventional signalization of railway at Turkey we focused on researching and implementing communication types not just vehicle-to-ground or ground-to-vehicle but also vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V). This means this project supports V2X by using DMR, 802.11p and GSM based application. GSM based communication used for long distance supportive purpose to V2X.

  1. Mobil Driver Assistant specs, Android
  • Getting train / tracks/ point machines / level crossing data
  • Querying train / tracks / point machines / level crossing state
  • Setting trains state
  1. Web Service specs, asp.net
  • Getting train / tracks/ point machines / level crossing data
  • Querying train / tracks / point machines / level crossing state

03. (Elsitel, 2015) Marmaray Maintenance Engineer

I have worked about six months at Marmaray as a maintenance engineering staff to fix any problem related with onboard equipment’s (ATP, ATO, ATC) and wayside equipment’s (point machine, axle counter, signals and track circuits). It was significant experience for me.

02. (Self-Project, 2014) RFID (NFC) based passenger transport tracking application developed which is communicating with asp.net web service to send/receive all data related with passenger’s location, time and date and also stores in the android device database (MySQL).

01. (2013) First steps to software enviroment and impelementing basic projects (Android and C#)